Skate & Innovate

The perfect blend of smooth & surf for the first full-board experience of its kind

Shock Absorbing

Not all streets were created equal 

Lifted Longboards BoostPlate Suspension System

BoostPlate Suspension System built to absorb everything from fresh pavement to brick sidewalks

Fluid Turning

Stop Pivoting and Start Flowing

Astro Stellar Suspension Surf Cruiser Prototypes

Suspension spring plates letting you glide through turns - with fluid transitions for seamless pumping & carving

Responsive Ride

Spring-loaded feedback with
every turn 

Stellar Suspension Cruiser

Loose or tight trucks, Suspension Surf Cruisers respond to the way you ride. 


BoostPlate Conversion Kit

Add suspension BoostPlates to a board you know and love. Drilling template included - your deck, your trucks, new ride.

Complete Suspension Surf Cruisers

Complete cruisers with our BoostPlate Suspension System and custom skateboard decks for the perfect connection

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